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Wayne • Middletown, OH

Saw your show at RiversEdge in Hamilton last Saturday. I only saw Pink Floyd once (Animals tour in Louisville, KY). I was mesmerized by your performance, an awesome show, I feel like I've seen Pink Floyd again and again. Perfect replication of their music, I will see you next time you come around southwestern Ohio.

Kurt • Indianapolis, IN

Signs of Life is unequivocally second to none! What performance last night in Fishers Indiana! Thanks to PF for allowing all of us to continue experiencing your creativity through the extremely talented SoL. Please come see us again!

Tim • Hamilton, OH

My wife and I have seen these guys three times and can't wait to see them again this September. If you like Floyd, you'll love Signs of Life – they're AWESOME!!!

Todd • Cold Spring, KY

Best Live Tribute Band Show. Anyone that has ever enjoyed a Pink Floyd song needs to see this band for a live experience. So many of my friends regret not seeing the show at the Madison. I will definitely be back with a big group. Awesome evening. Thanks!

Alan • San Rafael, CA

I just discovered you guys on YouTube! As a longtime Pink Floyd fan, I want to write and tell you that I think you guys are fantastic, and just as great as the *other* top Floyd tribute bands out there, Brit Floyd and The Australian Pink Floyd Show. But no wonder I'd never heard of you guys until now – you don't seem to play shows on the west coast! Should you ever come to Northern California where I am, the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco would be perfect for you guys, or even the Fox Theatre in Oakland. You're an amazing Floyd tribute band and I hope to see you live in concert One Of These Days.

Chris • Troy, OH

Awesome show. One of the best cover bands I have seen. Pink Floyd fans should see this group.

Kimberly • Centerville, OH

Thanks for the amazing show. It is hard to find the words to express how much I enjoyed it and the encore was epic. Never stop.

Eric • New Haven, CT
This group put on an amazing show, definitely worth seeing. Every member did a great job.

Shirley C. • Old Saybrook, CT
Loved your show and loved taking care of you backstage. Hope you'll be back!

April • Woodstock, GA

Chris • Austin, TX
Please come to Austin, TX soon. You guys are closest thing to old school Pink Floyd we have.

Angel • Sharonville, OH
So, I like Pink Floyd. I have some greatest hits albums. I guess not a TRUE fan like mosta y'all. My boys are Led Zeppelin which helped me to branch out to bands like PF, The Beatles, The Who, etc. so I AM a fan of musicianship. Of the concerts I've seen online of David Gilmour/PF, these guys def capture the essence of PF. Sound, lights, smoke... pay for a ticket. This tribute band deserves the money. My ticket to the Saturday, May 21, 2016 Sharonville Convention Center show was well worth it! Wait, did i mention that i'm a Black woman? It matters because great musicians speak to everyone. I hardly knew the words to most of what they played, but MAN, these are great musicians! Quit reading reviews and buy a ticket already.


Rob B. • Cincinnati, OH
Looking forward to a great show at the Madison Theatre tomorrow night, Jon. I'm bringing a few friends along who have heard that you are my 2nd favorite guitarist, right behind Rik Emmit, LOL. A great night it will be, I'm sure.


Tom M. • NH
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


David K. • Beavercreek, OH
Saw your show last fall in Troy Ohio and can not wait to take my girls to see you in Covington on August 1st! I am looking forward to it very much!


Marcello S. • Turin, Italy
Seen few minutes ago your "Louder Than Words" execution, all my compliments!!! Very very very well done, in terms of "group sound", and I have really appreciated the job of the keyboardist and the drummer; I play in a little Floyd tribute in north of Italy, I am a keyboard player, and when I listen to cover or tribute of the Floyd I always focus my attention to the job of keyboards and drum. and have two really good player, in my poor opinion. Both of them play exactly in the way I mean, nothing more, nothing less then what "those two english guys did", and if there is something's always in Nick and Richard style. Again, all my compliments to all of you, including the guys behind the and audio team. Hoping to be able to see you live, in the meantime....ciao from Italy!!! 


Thomas T. • Covington, KY
I just got home from your show at the Madison here in Covington. I really had a great time. Loved it!!!


Gary F. • Piqua, OH
November 22, 2014 at Hobart Arena in Troy, Ohio. WOW!! It keeps getting better. An audio/visual experience like none other. Thank you Signs of Life for another great show. Come back soon so we can enjoy it all over again.


Ruth W. • Troy, OH
Just watched the show in Troy, OH and was again blown away. Well done and thank you for a great show!


Norm S. • Piqua, OH


Dave K. • Fairfield Twp, OH
I have seen these guys three times now and I CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM AGAIN!! I will see them any chance I get! They put on an awesome show!


Ruth W. • Sidney, OH
On July 26th my husband and I drove two hours to see the show at the Madison Theater. I have always been a little skeptical of tribute bands, but we were so glad we made the trip. What a great tribute to a great band. The show never disappointed on any level. I planted myself right in front of the stage and never left! I would definitely see Signs of Life again. Thank you for a great evening, and thanks for returning my phone call assuring me that my tickets would be held at will call for me!


Kathy • Cincinnati, OH
Saw the performance at The Madison 1/11/14. There are not enough superlative adjectives to describe the quality of the show!!!! We did not want the band to stop. We've told all of our friends that this concert is a "must see." In our opinion, the price was worth every penny and then some. In fact, I think the production is vastly under charged!!!! We will definitely attend again and strongly encourage others to join us. KUDOS to all!!!!!!!!!!!!


Selena M. • Covington, KY
This show was amazing!!!!! You could close your eyes and swear you were at a Pink Floyd concert. But you wouldnt want to close your eyes and miss the fantastic light show.


Jackie F. • Dayton, OH
Thank you for an awsome show at Madison Theater Sat. Night! Every show we come to just keeps getting better. We love you all!


Ron J. • Doylestown, PA
Saw your show in October at the Sellersville Theater...all I can say is "Please come back". Wonderful at every level...thank you for a memorable performance. Please do it again.


Blake • Mansfield, OH
We really enjoyed the show in Mansfield! We will definitely catch Signs of Life again! Thanks for a great night!


Phyllis • Mansfield, OH
Pink Floyd - my absolute favorite band. Never grow tired of hearing them. This was first time I came to hear a tribute band and didn't really know what to expect. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!! Excellent job on instruments - very well done! Vocals were fabulous as well. Will most definitely come to hear you again.


Randy • Mansfield, OH
Excellent show! Every one of you put on an unforgettable show at the Renaissance Theater in Mansfield. I was absolutely taken away in the music excellence in sound, lighting and performance. The women also have the tonal quality thats necessary for a show of this kind. Again, excellent performance to all!


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
Signs of Life is an impressive and stunning display of music, vocals, musicianship and spfx. They have continued to improve into a very tight group, which clearly shows in the excellent syncing and transitions from song to song. I have seen over 300 shows in my life. I have many bootleg and soundboard recordings of Pink Floyd concerts. I consider myself a very strict and diehard Floyd Fan. I HAVE seen the Wall live, Australian Pink Floyd and many other Floyd tribute bands. All of these were unbelievable shows! But, I must say I have NEVER had the emotional response and overwhelming feeling of just being at THE ultimate concert, as I have had while attending a Signs of Life show. Their music has gotten me through many difficult times over the past 4 years. I have been to most of their shows, only missing a very few, and to date I have never heard one complaint about the quality of the show. Their interpretation of and respect for Pink Floyd's catalog deeply connects on an emotional level. You watch with great anticipation for the next song. Each song performed instantly becomes your favorite. You will walk away saying "OMG I just saw Pink Floyd!!" I cannot wait for new shows and surprises they will unveil! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!! This is Evan L. and I approve this message.


Teriesa • Middletown, OH
I attended the show last night at the Rivers Edge in Hamilton and it was spectacular!! My husband was an absolutely die hard Pink Floyd fan, he passed away in June and I played Pink Floyd at his funeral if that tells you how much he liked them. You guys did a great job and I'm looking forward to going to see you again in Wilmington. Keep up the great work, you guys truly rock!!


Jackie F. • Dayton, OH
Hi Jon, I just found out you will be in Hamiliton on Sept. 28th! That is my birthday! So with that said, what a better place to celebrate to be on my special night! I really missed comming to the last one up at the Music Fest. If you are putting out any posters send me some to share with my peeps! See ya soon hopefully.


Jackie F. • Dayton, OH
Thank you so much for the show! I now know why it took 4 months to get it ready! The lights and effects were so awesome! Love you all and tell Brian thank you as well! So to end another epic event here's to you "HEY YOU" Jackie.


Tim W. • Dayton, OH
Great show in Troy last night! Went with three friends and we were all impressed. Especially enjoyed hearing "Dark Side of the Moon" played from beginning to end. Thank you!


David • Beavercreek, OH
Thanks for the wonderful show at Hobart Arena. The band's interpretation of the music of Pink Floyd is refreshing and true to their spirit.

Eric L. • Englewood, OH
Awsome show in Troy last night. You guys and girls NAILED IT. Come back again real soon. We will be there.

Gary • Piqua, OH
What a great show!! You were all fantastic and I will look forward to your return to the area. Again, Thank you for a great show!! 


Codi C. • Springfield, OH
Saw the show in Troy tonight. You guys did great! I'll definitely be looking out for more shows!


Chad B. • Miamisburg, OH
Thank you for a truly awesome evening! Your performance was a true compliment to Pink Floyd. Musically you were spot on...and the light show that is a PF standard was great too. You have another new fan, I just can't believe I didn't know about you a week ago... but I'm very glad I do now.


Shelley • Troy, OH
Had the opportunity to see you perform for the first time tonight at Hobart Arena in Troy, Ohio. I must say I was very impressed, most tribute bands do not thrill me. I feel most are lacking in a lot of ways, but you all impressed me beyond words. Hope to have the chance to see you again soon.


The Koves • Troy, OH
Classic... Next best thing to actually seeing Gilmour live.


Mark • Troy, OH
Great show! You guys/gals did a fantastic job. Got to say I was VERY impressed considering I don't usually go for tribute bands. But you did great. Keep it up and I hope you become as timeless as the music you love so much to perform.


Trish • Troy, OH
Loved the show tonight! You guys rock!!


Gary • Piqua, OH
Looking forward to the show tonight in Troy, OH. Bringing the whole family. We are ready for the magic of Pink Floyd.


Christopher W. • Dayton, OH
Plan on seeing U all 2 nite in troy, oh // floyd rules - my favz. 4 many moonz now -- matter of fact it's all dark // greatest album of all time // no one close


Dr. Rob • Cincinnati, OH
Fantastic set at IHWC last night, Jon. Great seeing you and your band. I will spread the word.


Jackie F. • Dayton, OH
I want to say "Hey You" to my favorite band and I hope to see you soon. Once again thanks for the shirt, etc. I wear them proudly every time I go out and I brag about all your amazing MUSIC! Love you all.


Andy Somogyi • Bloomington, IN
The Bloomington concert was absolutely amazing, without a doubt the best show we've ever seen!!! Thanks so much for the incredible performance!


Jennifer G. • Shelbyville, IN
Awesome show tonight guys!!!! We drove from Shelbyville, IN and it was totally worth the drive!!! Thanks for a good night!


Danny L. • Bloomington, IN
Sweet show, you guys worked really hard. I would love to hear something from The Final Cut next time you come to town. Thanks again guys!


Ron D. • Terre Haute, IN
The Bloomington show was AWESOME~AWESOME~AWESOME!!! and thats a huge understatement. Thanks to everyone involved with the show, as it was obvious that ALL were talented & dedicated musicians. They were spot-on with all their songs, and the light show (and the music) were an emotional experience that I highly recommend to anyone that might have a chance to see them in the future. Thanks again Signs of Life !!!


Mark • Bloomington, IN
Fantastic show will be waiting for your return.


Nichole • Dayton, OH
Had the pleasure of seeing this show last night. It was great! To my fellow Floyd fans– if you get a chance to see these guys, do it!


Marsha T. • Indianapolis, IN
Saw the Dayton show and loved it! We traveled from Indianapolis to see the show because we enjoyed the band so much this summer. By far the BEST Pink Floyd cover band around!! We will be going to Louisville in December too... Becoming lifers.


Jackie F. • Dayton, OH
Thank you for one of the best nights of music that I've been to in many years! The only regret was I wasn't up there singing with you! Great performance. BRAVO!!! 


Jason • Indianapolis, IN
I went to the show and wasn't sure what to expect. I had never heard of Signs of Life. However, half way through the show, I almost felt like I was watching Pink Floyd. I have seen Pink Floy live in Columbus, OH in 1994 for the Division Bell album tour. Signs of life were amazingly accurate and detailed in their songs such as "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" and "Us and Them" which were my favorites. Great band. I would definitely see them again.


Graham S. • Indianapolis, IN
You guys completely blew me away. The setlist, unlike most, included great pieces from the entire catalog. You recreated every nuance and had such respect for the original material. The depth and passion of your performance left no doubt to your status as true fans. A few years back, I went to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra perform a tribute to Pink Floyd with a band. They were nothing compared to what I saw tonight. I used to feel bad knowing I could never see my favorite band since childhood perform. Now I know I can by attending one of your future concerts. Amazing, amazing, amazing.


Andy O. • Cincinnati, OH
As you know, there's a point in the "Live At Pompeii" video when Waters, in discussing how the band uses electronic equipment to make music, says "We can be bothered" to use it carefully and creatively. I'm reminded of that quote after seeing your show last night. I love -- and I think the entire audience loved -- the fact that SOL "could be bothered" to perform / present Floyd's music so faithfully. Thank you. Hope to see you again and again.


Bob C. • Cincinnati, OH
Had a great seat, great view and came with a group. It reminded me of why I missed hearing Signs of Life for so long. Again, what a great great show. The light show was the best I’ve seen. That’s really come together. I would love to find out you’re playing again locally but it doesn’t look so at this point. I guess I’ll be doing a little traveling, I can’t wait another 6 months or so. I have some friends in Indy area, so I may need to go up and spread the word and see you there. Looking at Troy and Owenton also. Nonetheless, thanks again for the entertainment you provide. The talent starts with you and is consistent with each one of the members, incredible. Peace!


Jessica H. • Cincinnati, OH
Thanks so much! You guys were awesome on May 19th.... I wish I could have stayed longer.


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
The SOL show at the Madison, was an musical journey through the Pink Floyd catalog. Guaranteed to satisfy even the strictest of die hard Floyd fans!! SOL took you on an experience of not only the popular songs heard on the radio, but deep tracks from early, vintage and later Pink Floyd and solo tracks. EVERYONE was spot on and just nailed it!!! Signs of Life are, without a doubt, the gold standard in which all other Pink Floyd tribute bands should aspire to be.


Fred S. • Cincinnati, OH
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the show at the Irving Theater in Indy. A friend had invited me to the show. I consider myself a Pink Floyd aficianado and was really looking forward, but had no idea what a great show we would see. I was blown away by the minute detail of the performance - it was just exceptional. Thank you (and the rest of the band) for a great show. 


Tom • Norwood, OH
Thanks Jon. The Murphy never looked so good. I love that place. Happy Christmas.


Todd B. • Liberty Twp, OH
What a show at Gilly's on 11/5/11. I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd, and have seen a several other tribute bands. Each are fantastic in their own right. Signs of Life blew me completely away. 3 hours of music bliss, honestly. We will be following this band and looking forward to their next shows. Jon and the group are simply fantastic!!!


Lewis • Dayton OH
I went to see Signs of Life with a friend from Pittsburgh at Gilly's this past weekend. Kudos to the band and Gilly's for putting on a great show! I was not expecting to hear Pink Floyd played this well and was more than impressed. Will be back for sure to see this band.


Stuart F. • Hamilton, OH
Thank you so much for a wonderful night at Gilly's on 11/5/11! Really impressed by the musicianship! So very precise in recreating Pink Floyd!!! 3 hours of great music! You've earned some new fans and we're spreading the word!! See you again soon!!!!!


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
I can't wait to see the videos from the Murphy Theatre show because IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The music, vocals, video and light show was outstanding! I have not been to a concert that made me feel as great as the SOL Murphy show. EVERYONE performed brilliantly! SOL continues to improve (after this show that may be hard to do), make changes to each show, allowing each one to be different! I really look forward to each show! It is without a doubt the best show around!


Rik H. • Cincinnati, OH
OH MY GOD!!! The show last night at the Murphy Theater in Wilmington was unbelievable! I have seen over 300 shows by national acts. Your light show last night rivaled ANY arena or stadium show I have seen. This show rivals not only any tribute show I have seen for professionalism but also any original show. And the music! Outstanding!! From song selection to execution everything was spot on without ever feeling like you were watching a cover or tribute band. You guys blew me away!!


JoAnna • Owenton, KY
Just wanted to let you know that you guys ROCK. I came to the winery on 9/30/11 to watch your show. My little brother loved Pink Floyd and knew most if not all of the songs. He played lead guitar and sang in a band. He passed away 12/10/10 and I hadn't been to see a band since his death. It was bittersweet for me that night because his birthday was 9/28 and he would have been 38 yrs old and coming to see you guys just brought back a lot of good memories! The lead singer even looked a little like my brother. I'm sure that people around me were wandering why someone would be crying listening to Pink Floyd music. You guys were AWESOME and hopefully you will come back to Elk Creek Vineyards again. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you guys. Thanks.


Eric F. • Cincinnati, OH
This was my second Signs of Life show, the first being the Madison last month. After a hard few weeks at work, I was looking forward to gain my sanity by listening to the band play, sitting in the beautiful Kentucky surroundings, and having a glass (it may have been more than a glass) of wine with a few friends we brought with us this time.  Great evening, great show, fantastic venue. Looking forward to the October 22nd show!!


Katie • Cincinnati, OH
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed going to your show Saturday night. We were all completely blown away by the music and the sheer talent of everyone in the band. My friend Kelly told me she had seen the Pink Floyd Experience at the Aronoff last year, and now wishes she hadn’t wasted her money. She said they don’t even compare to the authentic sound she heard from SOL. I’m certain she’s right and I haven’t even heard of the Experience. Rock On.


Eric P. • Cincinnati, OH
To the band and all assistants to the band: Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen to my favorite album played live. "Animals" is not just my favorite Pink Floyd album, but my favorite album. I didn't get a chance to see Pink Floyd on their last tour (what was it, 1996?), so attending the show on Saturday night served as my first Pink Floyd show. The attention to detail was evident from the first song (Welcome to the Machine) to the last song (Run Like Hell). What I liked even more was the additional sections, solos, and tangents the band took to show they aren't just playing the music of Pink Floyd but the feeling of Pink Floyd. Performing the typical live version of "Money" was very satisfying. In fact, I would have been slightly disappointed if a carbon copy of the studio version was played. There's something about the live version of Money that draws me closer to the song. Connecting all the parts of "Shine On" was also very thoughtful. I was not expecting it and it definately raised my eyebrows when the last parts were played right after the sax parts. Speaking of the sax, my wife was quite impressed with his collection and playing. She was a sax player in high school and appreciated the showcasing of the instrument. She also didn't realize how much sax playing is in Pink Floyd music. "One of These Days" was the wow moment for me. I wasn't expecting anything from the Meddle album to be played at all! Then come to find out later the band can also play "Echoes"; well, that was too much for me to handle - Animals, Wish You Were Here, AND Echoes???? Are you kidding me??? As a result, I marked September 30th on my calendar! Keep up the great playing and production!


Paul R. • Liberty Township, OH
Signs of Life blew me away at the McDaniel Sports Complex on June 18th. Even if I wasn't a Pink Floyd fan, I would've still enjoyed the show. And the neon-lit radio controlled airplanes added a nice surreal touch. You guys should hire them for every show! Will be back!


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
Pink's Acoustic Pulse at the Redmoor on April 30 was an impressive and stunning display of music, vocals and musicianship. They have continued to improve into a very tight group, which clearly showed in the excellent syncing and transitions from song to song. Their interpretation of and respect for Pink Floyd's catalog deeply connects on an emotional level. You watch with great anticipation for the next song. Each song performed instantly becomes your favorite. You will walk away saying "OMG I just saw Pink Floyd!!"


Shawna D. • Louisville, KY
You guys were AWESOME this past weekend in Covington at the Madison Theater. I really enjoyed your music and lights. I would love to see you guys in Louisville (closer to home). I have friends that I would love to bring to your show. Thanks!!!


Alex V. • Cincinnati, OH
Great concert last night at the Madison. Loved Time and Wish You Were Here. Can't wait to see you guys again in concert.agree


Kay R. • Florence, KY
Was at the Madison Theater in Covington last night. Had a great time and the concert was awesome!!!! Would love to see you again in concert! I'm now a follower.


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
Pink's Acoustic Pulse at the Redmoor was an absolutely wonderful show. Hard as it is to believe, they just keep getting better. Nailing it on classic Floyd tunes, and hearing the deep cuts are such a joy. Hearing Rhnee on Great Gig in the Sky brought gave me chills! This is such an outstanding group of musicians! I just cant' get enough!


Bill • Cincinnati, OH
Sept. 4, 2010 - Great show this evening! I was particularly impressed that they played songs like "Dogs" and "Echoes" so well. These songs are a joy and performed all to rarely in any venue by any band. Signs of Life shows their respect for the material by granting these long-form classics the space they need and by playing them with precision and energy. No rushed medleys here! The production of the show goes from strength to strength as new visual features and film complemented the music. If you want to hear this kind of music well played and presented, you simply cannot beat a Signs of Life show.


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
Just an all around outstanding show. I was in awe of the arrangements of these Pink Floyd songs, interlaced with deep cuts from ALL of the Pink Floyd members solo works. All the music and vocals were wonderful, the cello and violin were an excellent touch. I watched in disbelief of how great each song sounded, in this up close and intimate setting. My only problem is I seem to be running out of adjectives to describe each concert experience. If you have not seen SOL or Pink's Acoustic Pulse, you are absolutely missing out on the best concert experience in the Tri State area!


Steve • Cincinnati, OH
Great show in Sycamore Sat. night. I look forward to seeing the group again and again.


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
When I first saw SOL, I was just amazed with the show. They sounded great, visuals were outstanding and a great set list. Somehow, SOL continues to refine their sound, giving their own special tweeks at times to an ever growing set list. The show at the Covedale Performing Arts center, once again just blew me away. The new songs played were extremely well done! It was by far the best yet! The visuals, music, vocals, guitar riffs are guaranteed to satisfy even the strictest of the die hard Pink Floyd fans.


Jeff D. • Cincinnati, OH
Great show last nite at the Covedale, one of the best shows I've ever seen. P.S. Renee Frye is hot!!


Doug • Cincinnati, OH
Truly awesome show at the Covedale. Faithful and reverent to Pink Floyd. I have never been so entranced by a live musical performance. Beautiful job.


Cynthia • Cincinnati, OH
Just wanted to touch base with you now that I have had a week to absorb what I saw and heard last Saturday at the Signs of Life concert. Jon, you are a genius! What you have done in putting together the group of musicians that make up Signs of Life is incredible. And the live performance of the Pink Floyd songs were just fantastic. Everything was tight and so well performed. I was also extremely impressed with the video that was played on the background screen. It was so well produced and artistic. The Cleveland and Australian Floyd tribute bands have nothing on Signs of Life! Well done Jon, well done!


Cap H. • Cincinnati, OH
Awesome show, great job. Everybody should see this show when they get a chance !!!!!!!!!


Butch • Cincinnati, OH
Very good show, really cool to hear some pre Darkside Floyd (personal faves).


Tim M. • Cincinnati, OH
Awesome show Jon. You keep playing, we'll keep coming...


Rob • Madeira, OH
Dude... that was a kick-ass show on Saturday. Had a great time. Comfortably Numb was insane.


Chuckie • Hamilton, OH
Amazing... Jon is a master. It's more Floyd than Floyd. David Gilmour would be proud.


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show last nite. The music, vocals, everything was outstanding. I brought several friends and they were equally impressed! 


Adam A. • Cincinnati, OH
Hey! I loved the concert! It was almost like an actual Pink Floyd Concert! The songs were note for note, and the effects were awesome! SOL RULEZ!


Bill • Batavia, OH
June 5, 2009 Riverstar. A terrific show! A really great performance that does not miss a trick. Not only does the band does a fabulous job performing these great songs, but they do add their own creative energies in entertaining and innovative ways. A pitch-perfect show with great songs, excellent visuals, and a seemingly never-ending series of top quality performances by all of the band members. I hope to hear and see many more performances from Signs of Life.


Evan L. • Highland Heights, KY
Thanks so much for an awesome show at Riverstar. The vocals, guitars, sax, keyboards, the entire band was excellent! Just an outstanding concert and experience. I hope there will be more shows!

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